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Society6 Question.

Sorry to ask some nob questions here but i tried figuring it out myself but ended up in vain.

I finally got around and started posting some artworks on Society6. DreamSpaceArtworks.

  1. I know there are ways you could participate here and get genuine attention of artists. But how does Society6 works. I am still to promote the work on twitter, fb, tumblr and such forums. I want to work on the artworks first and while i am doing so i am uploading them on my page. So would love to here you inputs on how to go about promoting artworks in Society6.

  2. While most of my artwork that i put up there wont go good on T-shirts but i feel some might be looking nice on totes bags. Is there a way i can do that without having to go for the shirts?

  3. How do you make these posts? All the work that i am putting up are available as original artworks too which i want to sell. can i use the posts to do so? and how do one post such things For example


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  1. Only thing I know of is just promoting other people work with the "promote" button and hoping they will promote you back. This is only nominally effective.

  2. Once you post art for Prints (paper and Canvas) you get the option to put designs on other items.

  3. Not sure.

I have not sold anything yet, so I may not be the best person to take advice from.

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