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A Brain of Two Halves

A Brain of Two Halves

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the idea and design is great but having the printing so far away from the zipper ruins the whole picture IMHO. :-/ (just like the Tear up the Sun design)


reminds me of a very nice mercedes benz ad made by students: search for "mercedes left brain right brain"

Claudio Lima

The two sizes of brain: Logical and Artistical. Very criative!


I agree, the design is great, but on the hoody, it's printed far too much apart to look like a brain. It looks like lungs instead, if you didn't know the name of the design when viewing it.


Please print this as a regular shirt!!!


Im so excited to get this hoodie, waiting in Argentina :D


Please can I get this awesome design in a girly fit t-shirt?!


i already bought my hoodie once i saw the design, absolutely brilliant. and i get teased all the time about being the creative brains in the family so it makes my family laugh

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