Tomahawk idea, needs something...?

Watch this

I do like the design however the font is a little hard to read in the second word. I'm missing the reference if there is one, but that is probably just me not being familiar with it. If you want to give me a little more insight into the concept I would be happy to help more if I can.


To place you image in the thread, go to the site where your image is, right click and select copy image url. Then come here, click on the camera button and paste your image url in there and KABLAAAAMMM!!! As far as your design. I agree with Angry Yeti, the fonts is kinda off. Maybe a bit larger, it just needs to pop a bit more. Maybe play with different locations as well or angles. For the Tomahawks. Not sure if you purposely places them so close together, but I'm wondering if it may look different if they were separated a little more at the top. You could still have them cross over and touch, but maybe a little more separation. What is the meaning behind this design?

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