Room for Improvement?

Hi. ^^; I just joined yesterday and I'm still trying to figure everything out. @_@ This is my first design, and I'm proud of it and all but is there anything I can improve upon?

Link to design

Watch this

hi! maybe make the design a bit more standing out from the shirt. now it sort of lost. but the design and editing worked out ice i think. keep sketching and goodluck!


Thanks! Yeah I had a feeling the colors didn't go well together. =\ I guess I'll go with good ol' black and white x3

Killer Napkins

Or even like a black and gray could be cool.. To me though, the text seems out of place... it is really bold and crisp, unlike the rest of the design which is thin lined hand-drawn linework. I would think this would almost benefit more from a simple hand-drawn text, in my opinion. Though if you were to stick with the old english type font, then a few things stick out to me...The tail in the "f" is barely fitting on the banner right now, which is a little bothersome and I notice the font is slightly italicized, which kind of looks cheesy on a banner in my opinion... anyway, I don't know if this helps at all, I dig the rest of the design... Good luck


I would print out the text and do it over manually, that way you get the best of two worlds. if you have a tablet you could do it directly on your computer!

although this rule can be broken, try as a rule of thumb when it comes to texts to only use colours that are darker or way lighter than the background (black text with white bg or viceversa), and avoid using colours that don't usually complement each other. (google is your friend if you wanna know more about colours that go well together).


Thanks guys! I'll definitely keep these suggestions in mind. I might have to do something different with the size of the banner to make the text fit better maybe.

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