Votes and comments for votes and comments :)

Watch this

REally creative idea. Makes me want to build a fort. :)


Hey guys please help me out with my design! Its a different style to what we are used to see, I hope you like it and score me high? Comment something, so I can go score and comment yours!


Hello guys!

A new design of mine is now up for voting! can you help me please? tell me what you think in the comments!

xiv said:

If you give my terrible design a 5, I'll give yours a 5 with all of my fake accounts (even though it shouldn't have been accepted in the first place because it sucks so bad).

jieyi profile pic Alumni

nice concept and idea! please take a look and vote for my entries here (: entry #1 & entry #2 thank you!


Good job mate! Here's Triton's new design. "Easy, funny and somewhat subtle way to encourage fellatio / cunnilingus." Settle Down


Hey Guys! this is mine:

Let's Go

I hope you like it, comment and score! Ill do the same for you :)

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