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Halp! Feedback on design?

I've been working and staring at this for far too long. I feel like it's good, but not... ya know, fantastic. Any ideas on how to take the next step up? Sharpen the lines a bit? more detail/shading? Roughen the design on the shirt? I'm at a plateau here, and I'm wondering if this is how far this design will go.

Watch this


I like it! A few suggestions: Use black borders for the letters to make them stand out. Make the letters a bit smaller (or keep the big for full effect.) For inspirations go googling ( or binging ( for images of "comic book letters". Lastly play with your design! It'll always lead you down interesting new avenues.

Good Luck.



Thanks for the help! I like the idea of coming full circle with comic book lettering; makes my design seem to have more of a point. I'll try some new things and see what happens.


can't see the image


I think it's a great idea and design! The only thing that bothers me is Mister Fantastic's neck. It looks a little bizarre. Maybe if you swapped Fantastic and the Human Torch's placement. Then you might be able to show a little more of his neck from the side or something.


Bizarre? haha yeah, drawing this dude has been a pain in the butt. Do you mean I should redraw him, or simply switch the two's places?

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i think it's great - it will look better on a dark shirt. doesn't have to be black, but something that will make the text more "readable", something with contrast. and maybe the text could be a bit smaller. good luck!

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and after reading the other comments - i have to say that i like the type you used. very classic and the images makes it comics-enough without using a "comics type face". but - if you still choose to do so - NOT (EVER NEVER) with COMICS SANS font! NEVER. :)


I think redrawing him would be best. Maybe showing his neck stretched out from a different angle or something.

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