Drink & Tweet Movie Night - Highlander

This Saturday March 9th we're going to do a live drink & tweet of the movie Highlander streaming on Netflix at 8pm CST! Inspired by our comic writer pal Chris Roberson and our recent “Public Brew” naming challenge for our Scotch Ale. Just be sure to use the hashtag #kiltscreen when tweeting and follow along with us at https://twitter.com/arcadebrewery So grab a beer and remember, “there can only be one!”

How it works:
1. Log into your twitter account
2. Everyone presses start at 8 pm CST. We'll even tweet when we are starting as a reminder. We made sure this one is on Netflix Instant if you don't have the DVD.
3. Tweet your comments with the hashtag #kiltscreen (think MST3000).

Watch this

Netflix needs to go international in the next 22 hours if my maths is correct...

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