3 designs on LaFraise, (Two Eyes Added)

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Also my Wrestling design, Arm Wrestle Mania was flat out rejected by La Fraise.


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Don't know dude. I thought it might print here, but it didn't score well. I think it is probably my best design after "Rainbow Pasta". It was on the front page of Mintees. It was also chosen as a GAP kids finalist as well. But people overall don't seem to like it. It was also rejected by Shirt Woot.

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I haven't figured la fraise out yet, I can't believe they rejected arm wrestle though. Have you tried arm wrestle on woot? Not that I get that place either - everything Ive sent them has been flat out rejected!!!

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I tried the Arm Wrestling design with woot and even Captain Kyso and they all rejected it. So I guess that is that.

Yeah, I saw that you posted The three muskeyteers, a solid design. It seems that the majority of the designs are in the 2's and with very few comments.

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Just voted and commented. The upside down frown is really good.

My last design had a nice score here at threadless but the staff must have not liked it. In lafraise it was the other way around the score was not great (nice comments and preorders though) but the the staff decided to print it because they really liked it. At least they are not that tied to the scores.

good luck

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