Need some advice in my Dark Knight design!

Hi guys!

I'd like to hear from you guys if this is a good Threadless design and if it fits in a tee canvas. I originally made this for a cell phone cover, so I'm not quite sure which way to go. The art name is "Stupid Kids and Their GodDamn Smartphones". Could you help me?

I did the artwork below to help in publicity material, but I thought that could serve as a complementary design or something "front" and "back". What do you think?

Many thanks for everyone's attention!!! :-)

Watch this

OMG, Is that bad?? No one answered! :-(

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No, it's not bad. You obviously have talent, I just don't think these are Threadless designs. For one, unless there is a Dark Knight contest, these wouldn't be accepted due to copyright issues. Secondly, although the top one has a nice concept, it isn't designed for a T-Shirt. And the problem with the bottom one is besides the copyright issues, there is no concept. Its just a bunch of bad guys on a shirt. It's more like something I could get at Wallmart then Threadless.

Take a look at what has printed to get an idea of what Threadless likes, and then submit some designs. Good luck!



I really appreciate your criticism!

But I'm not sure if you understand the idea of the design ... The name of art is "Stupid Kids and Their Goddamn Smartphones". If you notice, Robin is doing a Foursquare check-in through the cellphone, revealing the location of the Batcave for the villains! The second design is related to the first, since they are in the same scene. For this same reason I had given the idea of a "front" and "back" t-shirt... Or something like that.

I thought about making some effects or wear on the edges so that the design can be embedded into a shirt ... But I'm just spitting out random thoughts!

I also see no problem with copyright, since most Threadless designs are related with funny characters and pop culture figures in general.

Thanks anyway! Big hug for you. :-)

Rachel Ray Gun
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Parody is usually a grey area and unless we have a licensed challenge, or the characters are drastically changed, / only invoke the 'idea' of batman without using the characters, this wouldn't be accepted.

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Yeah, there is definitely copyright issues, ..the shirts with characters on them that are sold at threadless are usually supported by the companies that iwn them (explaining all the spiderman shirts and the fantastic 4 subs, muppets, sesame street etc etc) ...but the others using characters NOT sponsored by their companies get away with it by concealing or making a complete parody of the characters,'s a very tricky area.

But this is irrefutably Batman, Robin, Joker, Twoface, Riddler and Penguin, questioning that at all, it just wouldn't fly.

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I got the idea, I just didn't realize that both images were part of one design. Anyway, the issue is still the copyright as Rachel explained above.


Hmmm, now I get it! I had no idea that this type of design would involve copyright issues! I'm new in this business and I really need some advices to fit my art style for printed designs. I really appreciate all the advice and explanations! I'm just upset because I spent so much time developing this concept, since, in my head, there wasn't any problem with this piece.

Could you help by giving me tips on how I could do to approve designs with similar jokes? If I wanted to make that joke, I could do the characters in a children shape, for example? Would work?

I need to understand this concept well because most of my arts follow this pattern (comicbook style).

I am very grateful for all the help!!


WHOA!! Awesome!!!! I dig this for sure!! Amazing drawing skills and very funny joke!!


I LOVE it, but the copyright issues are still there. Maybe use icons based on their names- like Batman= Bat.


Yeah... Thanks for the advice! :-)

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