What Can I Improve on this one? :)

Alright! So the last few pieces of art ive put on here have been epic let-downs. This one Im hoping will have a more positive response but want to know what can be improved. Is the concept good, is the art good, anything I should add? Basically I want to know if this piece of art draws you in or not. Thanks a bunch!

Watch this

I fixed a few of the thick lines and fixed a few strands of hair since I posted this. I can see after staring at this forever that the first thing I need to do is thicken the hair and fix some of the fly aways.

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Well, the hair does look nice and the bright red looks good against the white. But I think the concept should be a little deeper. My first thought was that there could also be something else blowing in the wind and getting tangled up in the hair: autumn leaves, birds, butterflies... something like that. Or maybe the hair could form some words?

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Agreed. It looks nice, but it's not something I would want to wear on a t-shirt yet. Good luck!


has she been punched in the eye?


ha just messing with you :) i guess i am just tired of girls with flowing hair designs? there are a vagillion of them. you are gonna have to pull something really special out of your bag.


There's always room for improvement. Just play around with it. Make it more unique. The hair looks like an octopus to me, but the cut-off strands need to be fixed. :)


Well they're not cut off, I need to improve the appearance a bit and fix my shading. Her hair forms her body if you look closely but I need to just detail the art a bit. The cut off strands wrap around her arm and come back around. Hard to draw and wasn't sure it was going to work. And no taz haha she didn't get punched in the eye. The picture is so zoomed out its hard to tell... But her face is gray water colored. I had an idea that my husband said was dumb and no one would wear it on a shirt... But it was to have a "monster" demon, scary face- whatever you want to call it, yelling behind her causing a wind effect and making her hair blow. If youve ever seem the mummy and that scene where he opens his face really HUGE and sucks the life out of that guy.... well that was my inspiration. He's prob right about it not being ideal for a tshirt, but I still thought it was a cool idea.

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