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Hey everyone, so I have a few submissions up but I didn't put them up for critique before hand (didn't have time). But now that they're up, any color/size/other suggestions that would make you want to buy it. Let me know so I can make other variations based on your thoughts. Here they are:

1) http://www.threadless.com/fallselect2013/off-on-an-adventure-2/

2) http://www.threadless.com/fallselect2013/flower-dots/

3) http://www.threadless.com/fallselect2013/captain-3/

4) http://www.threadless.com/fallselect2013/ahoy-5/

5) http://www.threadless.com/fallselect2013/gotta-roll-them-all/

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i really like the last one! it's great! it is simple but still interesting with the simple lines forming a 3D object. you should absolutely try more designs with that. the ship pattern is a nice idea but didn't work for me. goodluck!!!


Thanks, the las design was a bunch of multisided dice, I was worried that some people might not get it, mainly because I submitted it without reading what was expected of the challenge


Since you asked...

Off on an adventure: Did not like the pattern on the tee at all. But I think it'll look really good on the dress though...if you use colours more along the ranges of navy blue and white instead of the yellows and greens. Try that?

Flower dots: Not really my taste but I like the brighter, more colourful second template. I feel you should've used another template for the dress. Threadless doesn't make dresses like these as far as I know (being myself a noob, so no conviction emitting from these statements). And people might unwittingly underscore your design because your pattern has not been visualised/presented accurately enough in the template. Why don't you go to the threadless shop and pick some model photos that would work for your design? Or just save some of the images used for subs in the Select challenge itself? There could be a dress template in the Select subkit too? Think about that?

Captain and Ahoy: I don't feel em, man. This idea is too trite. Too overdone for me to be attracted by it anymore.

Gotta Roll Them All: Definitely my favourite. But but but I think the look of the design will exponentially improve if you 1. reduce the density of the pattern that is to say increase the size of the shapes 2. work on this as a white or cream coloured tee, didn't really like the colours you chose 3. given that you are working on a white tee, use separate colours for the different kinds of dice. I see you have six unique shapes. Would suggest you employ cheerful versions of colours like red blue yellow orange bright green bright purple et cetera et cetera You see what I mean right? This could be handsome. And there's still plenty of time before this challenge ends.

Soo yea. I hope this was worth something. Awl the best! CC


Chasing Chimera, Wow! Thank you. Ya, I was worried about the template thing too, but I checked the select options and there were no dress ones. The blues and white was recommended on that challenge too. Ya, the captain and ahoy thing was a bit overdone but when I was making it there weren't any up yet, just thought I should make at least one that fit the inspiration board, as cliche as it was. The Gotta Roll Them All was my favorite too, it was the first one I made and I was completely oblivious to the inspiration board, oops. I'll play around with colors more and post them here when I'm done. Thank you SO much for the help.

Jenny McClure

Gotta roll them all is the best :D but I love geeky things more


=] And hey I don't think I explained it clearly, but I meant to say that just the borders of the shapes would look nice in multi colours, not entire shape in itself, I feel. Goodlucks!


Jenny McClure thanks, and ditto. I just felt sorta restricted by the theme board and might go back to doing my thing for the patterns again.

Chasing Chimera, Did you mean just the line work of the outside shape? line work in general?


My favourite is nÂș5, stick with that. And I don't know very well since I'm not a woman, but the dress models 1 & 2, are for elder women right?


The dress styles or the pattern? Well, ya, I just need a new template on that cuz those give the wrong idea. I was just trying to find a decent casual dress.

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