Critique welcome...

Hi all,

I've been kicking this around for a while now, but am still not sure it's where it needs to be. Concerns are the colours, the font, and maybe the question "does it need more 'depth'? By that I mean, extra shading, possibly halftone...

Long story short, does this need more work, or should I just put it to bed and sub already?

All suggestions welcome.

Watch this

I think is great the way it is. Colors are nice, font looks handwritten wich is good for the card message and adding more elements or effects might be unnecessary, there's enough detail.


I think that the top of the three might use some more work, especially the leaf, and you should complete the base of the tree. Hopefully it`s helpful; I like the composition, also try it on a light blue background.


what is your CONCEPT? what is the point?

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