Please critique my rough sketch and score my submission!

Hello Everyone! I am Rob! I've been with Threadless over a year now but have only recently been getting involved. Boy, have I been missing out! I love to draw but still learning and am new when it comes to digital art.
Here is a rough draft on an idea of mine. Still needs work but would love feedback from you wonderful, talented people, on whether it is "Threadless quality" and what can be different. The words are very rough, I just put them there to get the idea.

Secondly, It would be awesome if I can get more scores on my current submission there is only 2 days left! Any feedback and vote is welcome! I'm not asking for a 5 just because I made a post, just for your honest vote and feedback!

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voting on a design just to "help," such as rating a 5 just because I asked to and not giving me a 5 based on actual quality.


Anyway, got thoughts on my sketch?


I think it's a start to something... but is very confusing. I understand that those are his dreams, but maybe you could try a different approach. I like that they are coming out of the top of his head, but the stuff you drew in it, in my opinion, isn't that appealing. You want to draw things with neat concepts. A really interesting thing you could do with it, seems your subject is dreams, is to make a drawing that reflects how unpredictable dreams really are. Dreams are not always sweet. What if you did a combination of sweet dreams mixed in with the unfortunate nightmares? I would suggest getting rid of the landscape and drawing with lots of swirls an haze and some strange creatures (some good, some bad). Take your time with the drawing. On seperate sheets of paper, sketch possible characters you will want to combine on your main drawing. Then once it's combined something else neat you can do it color it but put it on a black are dark blue shirt. The contrast of the theme "dreams" automatically makes me think of darkness and would be very aesthetic. Work the drawing all over the shirt and don't make it so tower like. Dreams are all over the place, so draw it that way. If you draw it right, remove the wording bc you won't need to describe what you are looking at. Besides that, great concept. Keep up the good work.

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