Hey there, please vote for my first design "Release the kraken!"!

Hi everyone, I'm new here on threadless and I'm super excited that my design is up for voting. It is from my t-Shirt label lalelu which is pretty much my spare time project these days. I would be honoured to have a design of mine printed by threadless, since the illustrational level here is pretty awesome. However, I'm still learning and improving and would also be happy to hear about what you think I could do better in my design(s).

Please vote here:


If youre interested in my project, check it out here: www.lalelushirts.com

Cheers from Vienna,


Watch this

Awesome design Lea, loving the textures, very simple and very effective!

Feel free to check out my design up for scoring as well: http://thrdl.es/~/1ZGD :)

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