Let’s interact at SXSW Interactive!

Are you headed down to SXSW Interactive this weekend? Pack your Threadless gear because if Jess spots you in a Threadless tee, you’re gettin’ a Threadless Scout Book! Here is Jess’ favorite Jess-related photo so you can spot her and show off your Threadless attire (extra points if you bring her a pickle).

Also, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we’ll be posting an image, drawn by Jess, of her location. The first five people to figure out where she is and meet her there will get a free tee! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr so you can see the post.

Will we see ya down there?

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"South by South Jess" AKA "SXSJ" AKA "The Best Reason to Attend"


"South by South Jess" AKA "SXSJ" AKA "The Best Reason to Attend"


Let's get it on. The designs of your tees has never failed. Never did aimed for mediocrity. Good job guys. Simple designs with catchy phrases, 2 thumbs up.

Check this out: Let The Shenanigans Begin T-shirt


Cool shirt and a cool funky way to wear it. My friends are going to like this tee. Does this come in black shirt? It would be awesome if all colors are available.

I Passed The Exam T-shirt

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