Be positive- Power tanks challenge. Help us improve!

Collab between whackonondo and chasing_chimera.
Here are some variations for our entry to the power tank challenge. Take a walk. Do comment.

Watch this

I really enjoy the last version!!


Yes, I agrre with the first comment, without the title it's difficult to get the concept


For those who didn't get it-- b+ stands for Be Positive Wanted it to be a cheerful, motivating, good-mornin kind of design.

Is it really so hard to grasp the sense of it, even after some moments of consideration? Any suggestions to improve the clarity of the concept?

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be plus?



I got it right off. I like it personally. I have to also agree that to some it might be a tad confusing. This is one of those pieces where you get it right off (mostly science/math/engineer types I'm guessing) or don't (others).

I particularly like the idea of having the b+ as an art exhibition. Nice touch.

One observation though: If the positive symbol is positive, why not make the "b" positive? Just something to think about.

Good Luck --db


Such a relief, dBranes. make the "b" positive? can you elaborate on your suggestion?



By 'B "positive"' I meant give the lil' fella a smile like his buddy the "plus".

I like the additional works too btw.

Good luck.



Hmm. I had thought of it when making the first sketch. But couldn't figure out the positioning. Will try again and discuss with whackonondo. Thanksyou.


Maybe its just me, but the first thing I thought of was the blood type when I saw this. I do like the idea, however.


I know what you're saying. A very valid point there. It is, I think, because the positive sign is placed a little higher than the base of b...


UPDATE: whackonondo had the thought of horizontally flipping the b+ so that when one looks in the mirror it's even more strongly motivating for people with hours of work-out and gymming ahead of them. any views?


The only problem flipping it would be that the design would still be recognizable as a letter "d" and may cause some confusion. I do think it would be motivating to see in the mirror, however.


I agree that some people might not get it and just think "B plus". And I wouldn't do the reflective because it would look like a D unfortunetly, unless you make it a capatalized B.


Yes you guys are right, we subbed it^ without the flip. Thanks!

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