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MSCED for the month of July: Daily Robots

Why yes, I am still working on my "daily robots" MSCED project. Just been slacking on updating this blog, so there's a considerable gap in recent robots.

To catch up and get daily updates, follow me on tumblr:

Check em out:


Strawberry Bot:

Late Edition/New Series: Apple Bot!

The Last Firework:

Roman Candle Bot:

Grill Bot:

Stink Bomb:

4th of July Bot:

Sparkler Bot:

Bottle Rocket Bot:

Updates every day! (or until I run out of ideas).

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Great start! Hope you keep up with it. Day 2 is wonderful.


beep bop boop this is rad :D

Musarter profile pic Alumni

These are great. After seeing the first two, I also thought bra bot could be a nice addition. Spanks bot could work too, if you are open to mind control..., I mean suggestions.

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

So awesome, when they're all complete, ..they could combine and transform into a devastator like megabot that's basically just an outfit.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

You should do these all year and then make a little daily calendar out of them. They're so fun to see!

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