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keep image sharp when submitting on template

Hey Guys, this has probably been answered a hundred times but i am curious, i design a piece of art, usually at the 15in high (which is the high res requirement for printing) 300 dpi. It looks good, then i go to put it on the 845 x 445 template and it looks pixelated and crappy.

What am i doing wrong, i look at other submissions and they all look clean and sharp.

Any suggestions on how to place the artwork for optimum viewing would be appreciated.

I use both Photoshop and Illustrator (sometimes Corel Painter)


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nickv47 profile pic Alumni

duplicate the image. drop the dpi down to 72dpi but keep the dimensions the same. drag and drop. size the image so it looks good on the template (once you go small, you can size it up big without it looking like crap/pixelated). save for web and use a jpg with high quality. presto.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

open it up in photoshop select > all edit > copy merged Place in template document and scale it accordingly.

You shouldn't have any issues with quality

3Dstudi0 profile pic Alumni

cheers i have tried both tecniques. they improve the artwork image but the one on the shirt still looks crap.

so frustrating. thanks for takng time to help

cheers matt

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