Subs I love right now.

Given the high levels of subs in the offering right now, its a bit of a slog to strike gold and see something truly awesome. I thought I'd post a few of my favourite pieces currently in the running. Feel free to post ones you like too, but please don;t post your own pieces.

Patched up

[Lousy vacation]3


[Brawling like cats and dogs]7

[The fortune teller]9

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mechanicalrobotpower said:

Weehoo! cooool list. I hope ALL of them print.

I bet you do. ;)

unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

The fortune Teller looks siiiick. awesome

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Nice one Morkki!

These two made me giggle.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

I really love this sub:

...i totally misread the point of this blog. apologies.


Cool subs. Love the fight. What is threadwars?

d3d profile pic Alumni

good choices. i love that FIGHT one and Patched Up especially. the michael jackson one is Glennz quality too.

Mantichore profile pic Alumni

these two:

and 'The Fortune Teller' were among my favorites of the (huge amount of) current subs

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I scored around 200 subs yesterday and I must agree that all the subs here are the best, although I would probably add Foxy Lady to this list. I will risk sounding like an ass and dare say Dan has been letting too many subs into voting; the overall quality has gone down.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Bold italic and the Walmazan sub are some of my fav. too

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I think he's got a pretty tough job. He was approving 1200 subs on monday and there are so many challenges up at the moment. Its a fine line between letting people be involved and swamping the voting process with not so hot work.


that fortune teller design is fabulous!

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