Sky Tiger

  • by badnobe
  • posted Mar 04, 2013

Sky Tiger

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campkatie profile pic Alumni

nice! Love how you did the front of the hoodie too


YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I had a few faves, but I wanted this one to win from the beginning! And even if it didn't win, I was going to track it down until I could buy one somewhere/somehow. I'm buying mine today!


wow nice print! congrats!

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Alumni

thanks for the love guys much appreciated! :-D

@Capn Crush-A-Lot, yeah I remember your comment during the scoring period! Thanks for the support, man!

krisren28 profile pic Alumni

Congrats sir!


Can't Decide if I want the shirt or the hoodie!?!!2!@$!$%$QE!$!W#$%!%!@!


Got this one, love the print, sadly the seam at the top of the sleeve was undone. Now I have to teach myself how to sew. When I get unlazy.


Make a tank of this!


make a tank top!

Lana De Jager

Guy tank top please! My friend liked mine so much that he wore it all weekend and I'd really ike to get him one that fits better :) and is long enough so he looks less like a kid. Haha!


Space Cats! This went on my "we heart it" collection -- THAT I JUST CREATED because, hello? Awesome.

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