Unprinted Threadless designs on Society 6 as Tee's?

Anyone have unprinted Threadless designs for sale on Society 6 as Tee's? And did you take down your designs from Threadless profile to do so?

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pijaczaj profile pic Alumni

so if our design is printed somewhere else we have to take it down from threadless even if it is 90 days after scoring already?

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I don't even know how to take a design down from Threadless. If the design has not printed after 90 days I believe you are golden.

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

You can just send them an email and they'll take it down for you. I've had a bunch of designs taken down when S6 first launched because I wanted to sell them as tees. But I'm not sure that was necessary, that's why I posed the question. You guys think after 90 days, anything unprinted (by Threadless, or any other tee site that purchases the rights to said design) can just stay on you profile without issue?

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

I think there was a thread somewhere around here that broke done the pros and cons for other tee site like threadless, anyone know where I can find that thread? (I hate how you can't search the forums on the new site).

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I don't think it's a big deal. If they ever did pick an old design for a print, you could always take it off of Society6.

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

So is the consensus that after 90 days on Threadless, a design can stay on your Threadless profile but can be sold on other sites (like S6 where the rights to the design remain with the artist).

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