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please critique i need it thank you so much!

please critique i need it thank you so much!

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Tim Widden

I like the background, but the bird at the bottom seems a bit random to me.. I dont find the silhouette that recognisable, it looks like the body of a bird with the head of cookie monster to me :) so I would consider swapping the bird for something more.. recognisable , funny or involved in some kind of action. I don't think the bird alone is interesting enough


Yes, agreed. The outer lining looks old, and the bird silhouette needs work.


*odd not old


I have to agree with both Tim and Hope: The shape of the outline is odd, as it resembles a stylised fire shap,e nothing else. -and nothing seems to be confirming it as fire, colourwise. I didn't see the character as a bird, but I suppose that is what it mostly resembles. You should turn its head to at least a 3/4 profile to show its beak and maybe turn the entire silhouette more to a profile, so as to show the viewer what it actually is. As Tim said, the silhouette may not be interesting enough to get any attention.


the lining of the background, the blue line, seems weird.

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