Any constructive criticism?

Hey there,
I submitted to threadless a few days ago, and only just got the email back that I've been declined. It's kind of upsetting, but at the same time, they know what they're doing so I'd happily re-work the design.

Could you please give me some feedback. What would you change or fix? I originally thought it was my best work, but I haven't been doing this for long, so there's always room for improvements.

I have noticed that there is a white "dot" by the right hoof that has now been fixed (could that have been all they meant?)

Also, any tips and trick you'd like to share with me would be more than welcome!

Watch this

hehehhe, this made me giggle. Maybe could use some more detail in the horse? But I'm not crazy about the white outline. My major suggestion is maybe it would be neat to make the "100% Beef" text be more like a stamp like this:

Good Luck! :)


OH, i didn't even think about a stamp! Thank you so much! And yeah, I'm not that fond of the white outline either, but it makes it stand out more :/


unfortunetly there was a design like this except it was on a can,

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