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Awesomest Dinosaur (54 zeroes + 54 5's)

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BeanePod profile pic Alumni son would KILL for this shirt!!

I agree about the oversize print verson.....yellow!


original colored version, oversized print, on dark grey.


Musarter profile pic Alumni

Appreciate the feedback. I excluded the oversized print of the original art because it would have to be printed process; I don't think they do oversized process prints. If they can, F would be a great option too.

Other than that, yellow seems to be the best option so far.

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

f-ing love it!!!! some opinions: - i prefer white tee, not oversized. or maybe light grey (is that what "silver" is?). - i still like greens and naturals in dinos, so don't love the yellow or purple - what if you rotated clockwise and shrunk a little so the wings wont print over any seams? - maybe the text could sit in the space under the tail behind the back leg.


in case anyone hasn't said so you can do process on any of those color tees...they have done process on black tees

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Wow, thanks for all of the thoughts. Maybe I should reconsider the process version. I will try it on light tee colors and on black. I will also try angling it more and see how it looks.

Poeha profile pic Alumni

The lower print! Im so glad I fit in kids tee's :D Coud you make a more colour-less version though? More black. :P Then I would defianately wear this. :P


whoa, E's navy? looks more dark grey like i was first wanting. love it! not sure what placement is best...


greyscale version looks nice, too


Oh my gosh I just looked at the detail image you have on the technique page and this is amazingly done!


Yellow oversized or on white..just because I like the text c; Sweet Dino by the way!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

So we have:

A- 1 B -2 C- .5 D E- 2

Thanks for the input. Looking for a tie breaker.

GoldenGod02 said:

Oh my gosh I just looked at the detail image you have on the technique page and this is amazingly done!

Thanks for looking. I was hoping at least one person would check out the process.


No problem. The textures you chose for each element are absolutely perfecto


just sub B and eenie meenie miney mo a second version! :D


Yellow one is awesome! It has the best position of design and good color combination. Position of print in first and last ones (A and E) are not so good. Also I like variant C (cool bitmap). I recommend (if I can say so) You to submit variant B and C. It's just my opinion. Anyway, great work!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I appreciate the input and the consensus seemed to be the yellow 4-color version. Most also preferred the lower/larger placement. I subbed it with the first slide being the art on yellow with details, slide two being placement and color options, and I sneaked the process version into the third slide.

Thanks again for the thoughts and help.


cool! good luck!


yellow and white looks sooo good!


That is quite rad! I like it on grey, with the original colors, and the smaller placement. I know I'm late, just wanted to state my opinion. Great job!

Niko Thomas

Yellow and grey. Personally I like the Black but that's just me.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments. I have heard you all and the design is up for scoring. Check it out.


Done 'n gone voted for you, good sir


Random bizump.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

54 zeroes and 54 5's seems a bit odd. I have an equal number of hater's and lover's. The pessimist in me says there is a contingent here that zeroes every design I do and I will never win with them. There I said it, I am done whining now.

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