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another Threadless thief

Randomly came across this guy, Saw a Ross print, one of Alex's and just having a quick look at his pages it looks like he has a heap of stolen designs

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mip1980 profile pic Alumni

Well he is from Colchester, they are all a bunch c***s from that part of England, can't say i am surprised.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Lame. People that do this make you wonder if they designed any of the art on their site. My guess would be NO.

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Redbubble needs to get their shit together. This isn't the first nor last time I will see stolen work on it. They probably don't check a single piece of work to see if it's stolen. Have you seen their "report this for copyright infringement" page? They probably make it like to deter people from reading the WHOLE thing, and THEN file the "proper" complaint. You should really be able to just click "REPORT" and that be the end of it.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

One of Alex's and Lidong Ding's. Both Threadless. He's got pages and pages of designs and I'd be surprised if one was his own. What a total tit!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

He has stolen a bunch of threadless stuff

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I hate redbubble. All of that guy's stuff is probably stolen and there's tons of others like him. My favorite part: he has a separate section of Invisible Children shirts. What kind of a person does that? Sells stuff related to a cause or charity only to pocket the money themselves?


And he even says on his homepage that 'these tee shirts were my ideas.' Idiot!


So how does that even work?? When someone orders a shirt, the thieves just pocket the money and the buyer is SOL???

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

We can file a complaint. If he stole your work I would definitely contact red bubble. If it were me I would give this guy a piece of my mind myself!


yoo reellee carnt spel, cann yoo? hahahaha

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tsk tsk

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

This is the email address to complain to: I just sent them one and I got an automated response. I guess we'll see what happens.

I think he already took down his facebook page.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Shamed. I think the best they'll do is take down the designs which have been flagged up to them rather than remove his account. Although, if they did take down his account what's to stop him from coming back with a new one and doing it again.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i have nothing against red bubble, but this guy is clearly taking advantage of both red bubble, threadless, all artists involved and the buying public...

release the hounds


This sound like a job for...

threadless legal team!


Wait - you heard the music from Jaws ®? - that's a violation. Sounds like a job for...

Universal legal team!

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craquehaus said:

Wait - you heard the music from Jaws ®? - that's a violation. Sounds like a job for...

Universal legal team!

Choked on my cup of tea laughing!

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