Over 1700 subs to score? Dang!

Damn that's a lot of subs up. Too many!

Could that be a reason for less comments on my latest sub than I used to get? Not ignoring the possibility that people just don't care about the design, but really it feels like it's just getting lost in an overwhelming sea of designs. Many of which are rubbish. Although the amazing ones probably still get a reasonable response I'm assuming.

Not really meant to be a rant, but interesting to see if having that many subs, and so many specific contests running at one time, makes the submitting / voting experience any better.

Here's my latest one...


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unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

wonder how long it would take to score them all.....

Dan Yingling

A lot of challenges open right now, heavy submissions coming in. I am doing my best to keep things streamlined while being fair.

Having so many challenges open is definitely bringing in an awesome variety of designs!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

There are so many, it's hard to keep track of everyone that I actually want to keep up with. I definitely comment less with the new site since it's easier to vote from the thumbnails sometimes and if I am going through the voting slides I rarely stop even if I really like something because it feels like I'm running a voting marathon. So many challenges, so much crap to wade through. It is worth it for the gems, though. Like this guy!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Thats some hefty sub-age.

Dan. Strictly off the record, you must know when you see 90% of these subs that they don't stand a snow ball in hells chance. Is there extensive Threadless meetings about sub quality and control? I don't envy your job at all, Do you approve every single sub by yourself?

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

That's a beast of a job Dan! Definitely appreciate it though, can't imagine what the site would be like without any quality control!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Dan is doing a stirling job, I wouldn't want to be the one yaying or naying all those subs, who am I kidding it would be awesome to play grim reaper to all that work. Doing it al by yourself must be pretty tough, imagine coming in on monday morning to 9,000 stick men drawings and a handful of live traced ice creams?


Judge Dan has spoken.

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I did it! I actually came at the point where I voted them all. It was such a horandous long journey :( My voting average dramatically lowered to 1.80 lol.

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