The templates aren't working for me?

Hi guys,

Are we allowed the templates on the site? because when I copy them to photoshop I can't get rid of the 'your design goes here' bits and its not allowing me to do the displace filter over them on photoshop :(

Many thanks

Watch this

Open in group of layers? Not sure how it works on photoshop but it works that way on Gimp


Cant copy you have to save it as psd then open it. To get rid of it click on the folder you will see the subscript in that folder for your design what ever and delete it.


This is all done is Photoshop once you saved the template

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

As above, save the file as a PSD, open it up in photoshop and then in the layers tab, remove the 'your design goes here' tab.

Simple :-)

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