My first design - Pavlov's Pluto. Critique/help please…

Further to my lengthy intro here, I am very pleased to say I'm close to finalising my first design for submission. It is entitled Pavlov's Pluto and will be subbed for the Mickey & Friends challenge.

The design is inspired by a famous psychological experiment in classical conditioning, carried out by Ivan Pavlov (and his dogs). Read about it here if you wish.

I personally feel the design could benefit from a bit of texture to give it more of a vintage feel and a stronger connection to its inspiration (given the experiment was carried out in the 1800s).

Problem is, I'm brand new to designing and am not exactly sure how to apply a texture across all my layers in Illustrator. If someone is willing to give me some tips, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoy the design.

Watch this

I like it cool concept :) so neat

Aji ontowiryo

interesting concept, but i'm not sure many people will gets it though.i even don't know who the hell is pavlov.

illustration is okay i guess.


Thank you, glanboota!

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