Greetings Threadless!

This is my first time posting on the forums, got bored and decided to get more active in the community considering I do a fair amount of shopping here. Anyways, hello everyone how goes it?

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Threadless is a little empty at the weekends, so don't be bummed about little comments.

So, how many Threadless T's do you have, any favourite artists?


Hello! Yay for popping in to say hi!


Tell me 5 interesting things about you. GO!


Oh gosh I don't even know, I have at least 13 shirts my favorite Tee is the "Night of the Living Bread" one and the "F*ck It" one.

as for the 5 interesting things about me lets see.

-I'm a total computer geek -I like the outdoors which conflicts with that first one I listed lol -Ummm pretty addicted to coffee -I have to admit I am a cat person -Saving the best for last I am a Marine (:

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Good day sir! It goes well. Thanks for asking. And yourself?

I could have probably made that into one sentence. I believe this is what's called playing fast and loose with punctuation.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

I hear drinking too much coffee gives you super powers! Also, as a Marine can you kill someone using only you little toe?

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

I meant your little toe. Damn it!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

hey there


Eh super powers as in insomnia lol but there are studies that point towards coffee actually being very good for you. lol and only using your little toe to wreck some one you would have to be really creative . Also hi other people!

digsy profile pic Alumni

Hello marine man! Do you have pictures of yourself in uniform you care to share... ;-)

Just teasing, welcome though. Are you just a buyer or do you plan on getting your pencils out and subbing some stuff too?


That's me in my profile pic in uniform lol. Eventually I will submit stuff hopefully.


Hi & welcome & yay for cats and coffee and insomnia! :D

Abstract Matter

Hey man, glad to see another new guy I guess i'm like a lowly intern amongst the Alumni I talk to :P haha

Enjoy the forums! But as Wharton said, weekends and most daytimes are quiet around here


Thank you for the welcome's (: and yes I have noticed the forums are rather dead, but I am not to bummed out over it.


So where's every one from? How long have you all known about Threadless?

Steve The Great

Howdy! I am from Baltimore, MD and I have known about Threadless since 2005.

Abstract Matter

I'm from Newcastle, England and i've known about Threadless since 2010ish, been a member since like October last year


Oh cool stuff, so this site is internationally renowned, and I've been a member for a little over two years and currently I am stationed in Arlington Virginia.


If you were a Marine and were a Marine Biologist, would you be called a Marine Biologist Marine?


Those words are too convoluted to put in my mouth. Try again, Mike.

craquehaus said:

If you were a Marine and were a Marine Biologist, would you be called a Marine Biologist Marine?

Million dollar question.


And if you wanted to know, I'm from NZ but live in Australia at the moment and have been here a number of years longer than this account suggests.

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Twiggyhall said:

Hi & welcome & yay for cats and coffee and insomnia! :D

^that pretty much sums it up :)

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Hello! Welcome and I hope you decide to stick around for a bit. Coffee is a wonderful thing and cats are jerks. I'm from Tennessee. :-)


Howdy and welcome! I'm from Canada and have been a member of Threadless since 2006. Coffee has always been really nice to me, so I'm nice back to it. It works for me, it's good.

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First time in 2 years? Well then WELCOME in the blogs! I'm from Berlin, Germany. I'm a little bit shy and therefore a lurker. I have been around the Threadless blogs since 2006. Always there and hardly to be seen. :)


ah duetchland ich can spreche eine knliene duetch aber nicht besonders gut! ehhh probably butchered that and the marine corps doesnt have marine biologists but the navy does i think any how if we did we would probably designate it some really technical term like bio aquatic oceanagrapher specialist and it makes me really happy that every one here likes coffee

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