I've been a member here a few years, but only recently decided to try it out for real

am I supposed to get an email if my submission is accepted? I thought I was, but I was scoring and just saw it and I'm not even sure how long its been there lol

"scoring open for 6 days" means 6 more days? or been there for 6 days? does that mean I passed the initial 24hrs?

thanks so much :)


Watch this

It means it's been up for 4 days (they go up for scoring for 10) and you have 6 days left.


so I dont get an email accepting or declining my submissions?

thanks :)


The designs are usually up for a week, unless it is a part of any challenge that is up. If it's a part of a challenge then it stays up until 1 week after the challenge ends.

Usually there is an email saying if it was accepted of declined too, it might be hidden in your spam folder. Not that it matters much seeing as you know it's up now.


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For a regular submission it's a week, for the challenges it will be for the remaining duration of whichever challenge you have submitted to. Check your junk mail, your notification email may have gone in there. :-) If not, well they're still working the kinks out of the new site so I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Welcome to threadless :)


thanks everyone and thanks heykimby :D

i'm pretty sure theres nothing in my spam folder, so now I feel like a crazy person thats combing through my delete box lol but yeh, not a problem since I know now anyway :)

*hugs thanks again :)

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