preparing a vector design for printing

Hello, my lovelies. I have sold two designs and am getting ready to send the files over to them. Does anybody know where I can get a tutorial on preparing a vector file for print? I've looked reasonably well and am having trouble finding it. Oh, and here is a picture for you to look at, since this is the art thread, after all.

Watch this

Congrats on getting printed! How long did it take them to notify you were going to get printed?

Sorry I didn't answer your question. :)


Here's a simplified way of getting your vector artwork ready:

You're essentially making the colors used into spot colors instead of process colors. It might be a good idea to clean up your file and separate the layers with appropriate labels (e.g.: black outlines, red feathers, turquoise triangles) if you haven't done so.

BTW, congrats!


Thanks guys! Voodazz, I didn't get it printed here, I sold it to inkhouse tees.

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