Possible future project and critique

I managed to salvage this file from my old laptop that croaked recently and have been tweaking around with it and might make it into a shirt design one day.
Anyway thoughts or feedback for or against would be appreciated as well as some advice. Thanks.

Watch this

Wow. This is RAd. Not sure of the vector flowers behind the hind leg of the lion though. But this is really cool. Cant wait to see the coloring of this.


I like the contrast between the background and foreground line work. The subject is a little boyish for my tastes... It's still worth a shot, though!


the awe such a huge amount of detail great


Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will develop this piece, but I was planning on keeping the main characters black and white. I kinda dig the contrast with the background blues.


I like it! But I think there is too many different styles in the image. The samurai and the lion- thingie would work just fine, on their own! The swirls in the left corner are messing things up a bit. But still a fine piece!


I like it, but I think the mane and tail need to be fixed. The different styles between the characters seems off. I think you should add more detail to the lion.


I see your point. Thanks!


Love the illustration! I agree with Lamme, sticking to one style by removing the background stuff (house, sky, moon) and using just the illustration would look awesome.


Made some tweaks. Removed the background added some lion detail. The gradient background is just for contrast.


Oooh! Much better, but the tail being smooth and the mane being curly...I think that looks very cool. I've seen a Chinese dragon with the smooth tale and curve-live name, but curled...if you're so bent on having them maybe make fluffy clouds? It's up to you. The fur of the lion seems sparse-might want to work on the texture.


Wow you're amazing!

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Really great illo. It feels like you need some kind of background though. Possibly something minimal but that fits the style of your illo.


Good point on the tail. I planned on adding more detail, but I'm waiting on some new nibs to arrive for my stylus pen. :( I think I'm having artistic withdrawal!


No problem, you got plenty of time. Lol, "artistic withdrawal" nice play on words. That would be a fun shirt. XD


Big improvement! I still think it would work with the temple in the background though, minus the sky. And I agree with above comment - maybe add a touch more textures to the fu dog's fur!

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