Which color scheme is best? (final)

This isn't for Threadless, but I haven't posted anything in a long time and could use some feedback. Of all the shirt colors, these 2 schemes work the best for this concept...but which one is best? I'm leaning toward the grey with the red sand, but I feel like maybe im a weirdo for liking that combo.

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That's red? Uhmm.. the first one is the best. At least for me... i'd just tweak the red-ish to be less salmony.

And maybe make the texturing on the actual structure of the hourglass a tad darker. I think it's a little bit too soft.


well I its "red sand" I wasnt saying its straight up red, I dont want it to be...is the "salmony" bad or just not the color I said?

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i like both. suck it. i'd guess the grey is more wearable though.


i actually like the green one better. the sand looks sandy-er


thanks everyone, I do have a version of grey with the yellow sand

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Grey for me. It's a neutral which makes the color of the sand and more importantly the action going on within stand out more.

Nice work by the way.

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agreed, gray. fits with the style more as well... the green doesn't really add anything concept-wise.

there seems to be a hard edge in you background cloud texture: upper right & lower right. its more noticeable in the green version


thanks everyone, sent it into the derby, and I removed the hard edges from the halftones before I uploaded these, I must have upped the wrong file


ooops, I'm too late for an opinion, but lovely illo :)


i really enjoy the green one. It feels like a warm design and i think the grey cools it down too much. Looks awesome btw :)


I love olive shirts, but I rarely see it do well for voting


ahhhh just saw it posted--nice--voted!

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