First submission: critique before challenge deadline

Watch this

It's pretty good, but it's kind of hard to recognize the pattern of the picture. There is too much going on at once and its hard to find one spot to look at.


ok so I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it looks low quality

I do think it could be a could concept if you take that idea of a mosaic and flesh it out a bit in higher quality

study real mosaics and stained glass art and try to interpret that, I do think the colours of the background, the sort of pink/purple gradient, looks cheap

so maybe look into your colour choices and go with richer, more vibrant colours. the edges look as if they were made in paint

did you use vectors? I think working with vector format and more solid colours with maybe a solid highlight to make each piece look a little glassy, or glossy

I think the stroke on each piece is too small and "neat" for my taste, more uneven edges, like a slight pressure stroke (with an overall thicker stroke) could be more appealing

but colour wise I do think that those pastels on the background arent appealing, and maybe darker, deeper, richer colours on a white tee maybe would be nice :)

hope this is helpful and goodluck :)


also, the three leaves are like bright green, and then the rest are a kind of dull green, maybe an inbetween for those greens for all the leaves

Also, I think its just wayyy too many shades of every colour, i feel like there are about 20 different greens, maybe try to work with placement of just a few, maybe 4 greens? same for all colours you used?


Amaara , no it's not mean, it's honest :) . At this point it does look low quality, I was just worried about going any further without fixing what I could first.

The center rose and bud is actually straight off of a mosaic I did on a glass bottle, the other roses were just a sketch, and the background was just general shapes to see how it'd fade into the t-shirt. -Did you mean that the glass shapes weren't realistic?

As for how the mosaic scatters into the shirt I just wanted it to be appealing rather than doing the mosiac to the edge of the page so its just a boring rectangle mosaic plopped on a T. -Do you think it works? That's also why I did the rainbow puke of colors from the center out, I wanted it to fade into the T-shirt color (but not necessarily completely). I'm still playing around with random palettes (if you have any suggestions I'm open for it). But got it, less is better! -Is it a good idea to use pastelles for the background color so the rose pops, or should the whole thing be bold?

Yaaaaa...I just got Gimp last week! So no idea what a vector is or how to make it look like glass without doing everything by hand. - Once I change the colors to make it less overwhelming and bolder, would you wear it, or would making it look like actual glass make it more appealing?

And most importantly! -There's not a witty concept or pop culture or anything in this so would it be better to enter it in a challenge like "You Are Beautiful" or would you still be interested?

p.s. Sorry for the overkill of questions, I WELCOME ANYONE TO ANSWER/COMMENT ON THEM


i actually like how the roses look, they feel more realistic in comparison to the the background and I agree with the idea of a abstract shaped background

but how about containing it in a circle shape?

the glass shapes are good actually, they fit in place well, my problem is more the colour and the actual image quality

i think the idea if youre using a darker coloured tee, would be maybe a white tile background, with the red and green roses

the way i work personally is really trial and error, i test like 20 different combinations until i'm totally sure of the combination I want to use

ok can you get your hands on Illustrator and maybe learn how to use it? its not too hard and the quality will be soooo much better

i'm a little busy but i'll answer in detail soon!


What do you mean by circle shape? Ya the background shapes were just for placement when I did it. Your third sentence, as in the background mosaic be white? (which is actually how the real mosaic's nice, just wasnt sure if it was enough for a t-shirt) I might be able to get photoshop, Gimp was just me being eager in learning and wanting to start. Yup, trial and error! Thanks a lot!


*your fourth sentence


Nice design :), but a black color t shirt would make the roses stand out ^^


as in have the entire mosaic be a circle? roses plus background tiles

i agree with the black tee, so white tiles (with some off white and creams), red roses, green stems and leaves

I think if you can execute the idea beautifully it might be able to work

but I'm new here so I'm not totally sure what goes or doesnt, but youre probably right that it may be better suited for a theme challenge


If I pick less colors do you think it'll still be okay on black, cuz it'd be a bit boring with the cream/white tiles on black. But I'll update in a day or so.

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