First submission: critique before challenge deadline

Watch this

It's pretty good, but it's kind of hard to recognize the pattern of the picture. There is too much going on at once and its hard to find one spot to look at.


Amaara , no it's not mean, it's honest :) . At this point it does look low quality, I was just worried about going any further without fixing what I could first.

The center rose and bud is actually straight off of a mosaic I did on a glass bottle, the other roses were just a sketch, and the background was just general shapes to see how it'd fade into the t-shirt. -Did you mean that the glass shapes weren't realistic?

As for how the mosaic scatters into the shirt I just wanted it to be appealing rather than doing the mosiac to the edge of the page so its just a boring rectangle mosaic plopped on a T. -Do you think it works? That's also why I did the rainbow puke of colors from the center out, I wanted it to fade into the T-shirt color (but not necessarily completely). I'm still playing around with random palettes (if you have any suggestions I'm open for it). But got it, less is better! -Is it a good idea to use pastelles for the background color so the rose pops, or should the whole thing be bold?

Yaaaaa...I just got Gimp last week! So no idea what a vector is or how to make it look like glass without doing everything by hand. - Once I change the colors to make it less overwhelming and bolder, would you wear it, or would making it look like actual glass make it more appealing?

And most importantly! -There's not a witty concept or pop culture or anything in this so would it be better to enter it in a challenge like "You Are Beautiful" or would you still be interested?

p.s. Sorry for the overkill of questions, I WELCOME ANYONE TO ANSWER/COMMENT ON THEM


What do you mean by circle shape? Ya the background shapes were just for placement when I did it. Your third sentence, as in the background mosaic be white? (which is actually how the real mosaic's nice, just wasnt sure if it was enough for a t-shirt) I might be able to get photoshop, Gimp was just me being eager in learning and wanting to start. Yup, trial and error! Thanks a lot!


*your fourth sentence


Nice design :), but a black color t shirt would make the roses stand out ^^


If I pick less colors do you think it'll still be okay on black, cuz it'd be a bit boring with the cream/white tiles on black. But I'll update in a day or so.

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