Unfortunately, your submission "slucow sea" was declined.

Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot. Want some feedback on your design? Post a thread in the forum to get tips and helpful suggestions from other artists!

do not understand why?

Watch this
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Honestly, It isn't put together all that well. The image of the cow appears cut off for no reason, and there are abstract shapes floating around without any rhyme or reason, ...it doesn't really communicate anything to me.


it is a hybrid not cut cow and sea slug


ooooh ok, yeah I don't know why they would decline that :l


its body is sea slug


that work needs?

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

it looks like stock art with random shapes added to it.


background shapes connote a struggle between land and sea

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Visually it's not very clear what it is or what's going on - it might seem obvious to you that the background is showing the struggle between sea and land, but shirts aren't artwork in a gallery that we can spend hours pondering over the meaning of. A viewer has a few seconds at most to see, read and recognise what's happening so you really need a visual that's clear and quick to grasp. Also, think about commerciability (is that a word?) as well - do people really want to wear sea slugs on their shirts?


the problem is the background?

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the problem is that it isn't the quality Threadless is looking for.

Abstract art can be well executed, but this just looks as I said - stock art with random shapes added to it... I know you said "background shapes connote a struggle between land and sea" -- however, not every voter or viewer will see that when they're voting. They will see a cow with yellow blobs.

The design is not pleasing to the eyes. The colors are contrasty, and it just simply doesn't look good. Threadless has standards.


and if I use a sand dune shaped wave?


the hybrid in a wave of sand


Please, I want to become a master of gifs, teach me the path :D

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Ask yourself very honestly "would someone want to wear a cow slug hybrid on their clothes". The majority answer would be no. Changing colours or backgrounds are adding sand dunes isn't going to help, it's time to let this one go and find something more commercially and visually appealing.


why my gorse yes?

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'it is a hybrid not cut cow and sea slug' 'background shapes connote a struggle between land and sea'

hahahahahaah. this is the most hilarious design I've ever seen. :') Unfortunately in a bad way. :(


Looks much cooler as the drawing, I would work on that.


disagree, scrap the whole thing.


Clearly got the drawing skills! ....just... not a good idea. >.<

Aji ontowiryo

its because you give low votes to 6 design..kidding :P

go search some new ideas, this cowslug won't do well

ignitus said:


i agree that this looks better "as is"

but it's still an odd concept that will probably not go over well here.

draw more things. i'm curious to see what else you can produce. good luck


Yeah... I really don't even know what to say. I prefer the "before" but honestly I would have never guessed what the point of the design was and quite frankly even after reading all the comments and whatnot I still don't understand the message... Apparently you are an amazing artist by what your before picture shows just find a new inspiration, if nothing else this design was good practice.


I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. You've got the skills, you've got the style, but you have to think up an actual concept that people will want to wear.

The number of responses to this post is an excellent indicator of why you shouldn't stop trying. But no more obscure hybrid animals without good reason, okay?

heykimby said:

But no more obscure hybrid animals without good reason, okay?

actually, this would be fine for your personal art show. doesn't really have to make sense all the time. but the voters here usually want to wear something that makes sense to them. :P

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