look at my stuff

Some select stuff came out today / yesterday! Do you like it?! or do you hate it?! You should all buy it and make it sell out then I get more money.

Watch this

it's tray beeyen

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

well done buddy. Also the lady and I are finally heading to london at the end of april, you will have to emerge from your cave and come have a drink with us

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Saw it at the Threadless store, Cool stuff!

tesco profile pic Alumni
xiv said:

tless needs more tesco.

thanks man. tesco is super busy, I would love to spend more time doing stuff like this.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni
tesco said:

no way! that's gonna be sick! :)

yeah were both pretty excited, we'll shoot you an email with dates and everything when it gets closer

xiv said:

tless needs more tesco.

with syrup

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Bloody great, bit skint at the mo, but I would like them both.
(also, have you tried the new kit kat chunky collection? coconut wins)

jamesf profile pic Alumni

lovely stuff. might have been nicer had you been modelling them

andyg profile pic Alumni

Very nice!

Steve The Great

I wish you had more supercool non t-shirt things too. You're probably the best guy at non t-shirt stuff


Look at my stuff

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

missed the boat a bit ont his one brutha, but well done. Talk soon??

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