New blogs

So I'm actually really liking the new blogs, although I mostly use them on my iPhone...

The only thing I don't like is how quiet it is. Get back in here and make some noise, old timers.

Watch this

i am here! oh haiiii

Morkki profile pic Alumni

All the old farts are too busy farting in their rocking chairs. And yelling at kids to get off their lawn


Taz! How are things with you? Is the barrage of Oscar/Reeva coverage even more constant in SA than it is here?


Morkki I wanted to post a picture of a cake with a bunch of candles that spelt old fart and then comment " light a match" but the image kept coming up with a 404 and I'm sad.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

^omg that is is the BEST page on the Internet

Also it looks like that I have recently missed my third Threadversary which makes me want fartcake even more


dood kimby the oscar thing is a total circus.

i totally made fart noises for a minute or two!

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

All we're getting here is the horse meat scandal as they're calling it. I got so tired of hearing about it I've tuned out. Maybe it's all Oscar now here as well.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

lets bring it back to LIFE


HAI KIMBY!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm farting in this blug!


Steve so soft.


I really have to stop falling asleep right after I post a blog.

It's like I'm a legitimate old person.


Now that I'm using my computer I found your cake, Morkki!


:) to you too, Mike

That poor cake, Morkki. I hope the candles were tasty at least?

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