Oh the multiple rejections...critiques?

These have all been sent in and rejected any critiques or advice how to better them up to par?

Watch this

the socks:

"Here's why:

We want every design submitted to Threadless to have the best possible chance at being chosen for print. Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot. Want some feedback on your design? Post a thread in the forum to get tips and helpful suggestions from other artists!

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We're looking forward to seeing your new and improved design!" the other one was because it was "cut off"

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

I think in both cases, there needs to be a little more cohesion.

from the designs themselves, ..i'm unsure exactly what you're trying to say with them, ..I see a repeat pattern of lamps.. ..and I think you're going for 'Clockface' with the other, ...but then the moustache, pipe and spectacles throw me off.

In both cases, I also feel a little more finesse and flair could go into them.

Also, the abrupt end to the characters shirt on the clockface sub is very jarring, ..hard edges or borders on the artwork always hurts a design.


thank you for the critique!

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