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I read in the submission guidelines that the resolution of your picture has to be submitted at 72dpi and no more than 845 pixels wide and 445 pixels tall. I complete my designs in high res (300dpi), but when I shrink it down it becomes blurry.

Is the 72 dpi version just so the people at Threadless can give it a once over?

Also, anyone know how to avoid it becoming blurry? I'm probably making a totally n00b mistake, hehe.

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The 72 dpi version is for the web. The details aren't going to be as clear as on your high res file because there are less pixels per inch, though if the quality in general is degrading dramatically when it's at actual pixel size, you may be doing something wrong. If you post what you currently have, we can tell what's going on a bit better.

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the 72dpi and 845px x 445px are only for the submission for people to vote on. If you actually get picked for printingthey will ask you for a 300dpi version of the sub.'

I never tried to convert a 300dpi to a 75dpi, so I have no clue.

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