If shirt doesn't get printed?

:D. Let's say my design didn't get printed on theadless, do I still own rights over it? If I do, can I sell it somewhere else still? Is there a specific number of days until when you can do whatever with a design that didn't get printed here?

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You still own the rights. Usually it's safe to try to sell the design somewhere else after 90 days. You can always email support and have them remove the design from the site as well.

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when you submit a design you have to tick a little box that says you agree to the Legal Terms (which are linked there) - a lot of this information is in there and it's the type of thing you should have read before you submit.


I did read it but when I tried to find it again, it says error 404. So I started this thread to get answers to some of my questions about their 'rules'. Thank you :)

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It might have got lost in the switchover from old to new site, maybe

Anyway, here's the regular Terms, I haven't checked if the challenges each have their own different terms, but if you're subbing to a challenge it's prob worth a quick click and a check before you click "submit my design"


Some of the challenges do have different terms and conditions, especially if they involve another company's intellectual property, so it's always a good idea to read those before submitting.

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