McKissyFace Von Winebacons da fowth *WITH PICTURES*

aka: My Winebocon 4 Re-cap Blowwwg

Sooooooo...I pretty much got into Santa Barbara around midnight on Friday and had to leave early-ish on Sunday, so all of my fun happened on Saturday. But it was a chock full o' goodness kinda day!

We started out at the Oreana winery, where I did not take any photos, but by the time we got to the next winery, Giessinger, we were feeling silly enough for the film to start a-rollin'

Breadsticks were serious bidness (note professional photo-bomber in back)

Wheat Thins (which smart Julia brought along) were also serious

Randy & 5eth snuggled a bit...

...but Brian got luckier

Then we went to Municipal Winery, where drawings happened with polynothing & sketchboy01

Ryder drew a Taco Bell lovin' foot

Here is the art which made its way around the table

Serious artists taking art seriously

Brian, Scott (mah hubby), Seth & I all grabbed some grub and then met up with some more of our group at a pub before heading over to the after party at Union Ale...and then the kissy faces began

Kissy McJubbers

Kissy Von Hefe

Kissy McPretty Priscilla

Kissy Van Shimala

Kissy MacDan-o

Kissy McReal Kiss with these 2 fabulous people

And last but not least, Grrrr McBriBri

They had a boot there!!!

p.s. Dustin is amazing and I wish we could be happy hour buddies on a regular basis...

...and ditto for Dan

I like all of these kids ever so much

Thank you for all of the good times, everyone!! Y'all wonderful and I hope to make kissy faces with you again sooner rather than later *muah!!

Full Twigs' Winebacons photo album here

Watch this

You better come next year, lil' missy!!! :D


It really, really was, Stacy :)

fightstacy profile pic Alumni
Twiggyhall said:

It really, really was, Stacy :)

If I become a richman, i'll attend one of the next! on this I swear.


What if you become a Linda Richman??


sexy 805 Firestone Walker pint glass you got there BriBri :)



Totes was, Josh! And I talked you into doing a fireball shot with me :D I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, hee hee (though it really wasn't that hard convincing you) ;)

Beer snobs ftw, Chad!


Pretty sure drinking from that boot is why I'm sick now.


But still great times.


I didn't get nearly enough Alwin time in...

And even less Perrypods and Mitch lol do it time :(

otrom profile pic Alumni

I wish i lived in the US just to meet all you kool guise. And obviously get and great hangover afterwards. (:


Start saving for Chicago now! :)


Fun times at the tables with the beer and the drawing and things!


wait. did you all drink a boot, or did you share a boot. because 1. woahhh or 2. grosss, beergob


We shared at least 2 (3??) rounds of the boot, Ms. a big ol' drunken commune of beergobs

It's true, Chris...Jeff tastes like tacos. At least, so I've heard...

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

This looks like it was tons of fun.

Dan Yingling

Looks like I skipped the boot and opted for a Coors light...and Redbull...lots of Redbull..


It was a blast, Tiffany :) You coming to Chicago this year???

oh yeah, I hazily remember you sharing some Redbull with me, Dan...and then I had my own beer...and Dustin sharing fancy tequilas and whiskeys with me...and the boot...and more of my own beer...and multiple fireball shots...oh goodness oh me oh my...



Also, what an adorable hat!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Maybe I should apply for the Bloggeraiser this year. :-)

Twiggyhall said:

It was a blast, Tiffany :) You coming to Chicago this year???


Thanks Michelle!!! :D

hahahaha yeah, I am definitely affectionate...even without booze... but extra with :)


Do it, Tiffany!!! :D


That boot is serious business


Indeed, Heather *serious nods


Mr. dapper fella, you...


He's pretty much the epitome of class and etiquette


I resemble that remark, DeeAnn...

dhendy profile pic Staff

Oh man, that boot.


Seattle meat-up next??? Then we can boot again here


hahahaha, I know, Brian

apparently, we are just not entertaining enough for him...


I'll sure try!

Golly, that looks like fun, my lovers <3

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i WAS having a BLAST >:|


I'm just glad you were wearing that violently neon green T-shirt 'cause it made it easy to find you guys whenever we got split up from the group

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