Uh oh, got a test i forgot about O_o

Woah lol i just remembered this mornin i got an exam on Audio Electrical Standards, funnnn ^^ so i had to cut first class and sit up in the library ^^

As you can see ive became pretty distracted already O_o

Man i dont have a clue what im gonna do in this test, i really havent studied at all... lol thye best i can hope for i guess is that its open book, that might save me a little lol...

Oh well, wish me luck, im'ma need it ^_^

Watch this

Good luck! but quit writting in the blog and go studying!


Lol, like i said, easily distracted .... ^^

I think ive pretty much got all the notes made i can, so lets hope im able to use them in the exam ^

If not im screwed so much ¬¬


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