Help using Gimp, please!

So I've gotten as far as deleting my background in the steps listed on the "Make it Better" tutorial. But it seems like there is no Fx ("effects") button in Gimp, and I can't seem to get past this point. The tutorial says to use color overlays, but I can't find this feature in Gimp. It also looks like they are able to color in areas w/out coloring over the original line work? Does anyone know bow to do this stuff in gimp? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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I recently had the same problem! :)

You need to download and install script-fu for the color overlays, you can find that here:

As for the coloring, you can color on separate layers, then change the order of the layers so that the color layers are under the layer with line work.

I hope that helps!


Hmm, well, I definitely don't understand the photoshop talk, but I could definitely help based on how I winged it. Just let me know what you need to do and I'll help you out.

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