How to create a realistic moon for threadless shirts?

I am curious if anyone has any tips on how to create realistic moons in Adobe Photoshop? That is printable for threadless shirts, any tips, tutorials would be appreciated.

Thanks! :)

Watch this

You are the second one i am giving this link in the last hour. What a coincidence.

Night Sky 2


Nght Sky 1

It says free to use for commercial and personal use.

Or you could take a non copyright image and convert them into fine halftone thing.

If you are going for the second options then you do the following (this is what i do)

1.Open image in a new window in photoshop (adjust level as appropriate) 2. Convert to grey scale = Image -- mode -- gray scale. (Flatten image) 3. now go to Image -- Mode -- Bitmap Give the resolution as same as the image file resolutions and Method as Halftone screen. Frequency about 100 if you want larger details give lesser. if you need fine details give higher. But more than 100 wont be necessary. 45 is what most use. but you play around it.

Angle 45 and shape as round.

4.Now convert the image back to grayscale size ratio.

5.Go to select - color range. Pick black using the picker and you should get selection. 6.Now copy and paste it in your artwork and play with colors and what not.

There is a tutorial for this i couldnt find the link so giving it off my head.

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As dreamspace suggested. I would use a free image like this one: and turn it into halftones. Or I would apply the noise filter to it first and turn it via the threshold tool back into a black and white image which can easily be printed. This method gives it a bit more rugged look. :)


You can always use the NASA website. All NASA photos are public domain and free for use in any project.

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StevenLefcourt said:

You can always use the NASA website. All NASA photos are public domain and free for use in any project.


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yeah just use a picture of the moon from NASA website, cut it out, you could convert it to one color bitmap.

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