Why do the Threadless forums ROCK?

I mean, this place is choc-full of such great, supportive, perverted, sometimes a tad retarded, nice and talented people, sometimes I find it disturbing. So many of them spend a great deal of their time encouraging others and helping their work to develop and grow, not to mention posting awesome tutorials and posting links to inspiration work. Some might bang on from time to time about the good old days, but I suppose the only answer is to be involved with each other more.But all this great stuff is achieved because people simply like being here.

Watch this

Thank you for this blog! the drama needs to end!

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As much as drama sucks, it's nice to see some discussion stirred up at least. :-) Threadless is full of awesome people that selflessly help others. There are plenty of them that I miss, but having taken a 2 year hiatus myself, sometimes you need a break. But it's nice to know that you can always come back and be welcomed with open arms.


@TheInfamousBaka agreed!


This cracked me up. You don't think you're being a tad childish? Anyway, the forums rock because you're in them Wharton. You're the man.


Wharton IS childish sometimes. And sometimes he's drunk. And I hate to be in agreement with him, but he makes a lot of valid points. :p

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because of Annie. and that's it.

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You're being harsh spefreps - Wharton clearly disagrees with your sentiment that we suck, as do a lot of people, so he's making a thread reminding people why it rocks here, nothing more than that. And why shouldn't he!


I just flew about a thousand miles to drink wine all day with a bunch of knuckleheads from here... so yeah, I guess you could say I think this place is pretty effing rad

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^Checkmate Twiglet.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be a dialogue about the Threadless community, or that Any detractors are instantly wrong. But if you have a problem then lets discuss things reasonable and in less dramatic tones.

Childish is complaining about something and yet doing nothing to remedy it. I'd always suspected my Man-dom, it means so much more to have it confirmed by a pillar of the community such as yourself.

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I've been on Threadless nearly three years. I started off as a newby, as did everyone here. I'm certainly not the most outgoing of people, and it took me a while to start getting involved. A lot of the thread peeps I looked up to back then (Aled, Leon, Alvaro, Isajoe, Terry to name a few) aren't around so much nowadays, but I still love this place just the same, and it's still an ambition of mine to meet Threadfolks for reals some day.

Like most things in life, you get back what you put in.

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unless you are a poop freak and keep your poop in a jar.

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you know... even though i'm laughing a lot right now, that same thing used to make me miserable when i was a kid. i'd cry my eyes out when i saw pooh stuck in a jar or pretty much anything else (he was quite a dumbass).


At least you can't blame me for the poo in here this time!

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see annie, you're contagious. i'm slowly turning into and poopprentice.


i'm so pooroud of you!!!


Did someone mention poop?

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One day I will meet all these awesome people in for reals mode .

And we can put real Jeff head on something together

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Threadless rocks because when you're having a bad day there's always a blog you can go to and just wait for it to get derailed into something hilarious. I do miss the old days where I could click on someone's name and read all of their new slogans, but I'm in the minority on that and I shouldn't complain.

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threadless is the only place where someone will be pooproud of you.

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quick-brown-fox said:

With the exception of toilets.

Thanks quick-brown-fox. I read this and shot a mouthful of tea out of my nose all over my wacom!

I'm new to forums, and it's taking time to get used to talking to people in this fashion but the people I've chatted with have been friendly, funny and helpful. This forum's as good as the people that use it. From where I'm sitting it's pretty damn good!

Right I'm off. I'm going to make myself go for a jog around Wayne Manor (Wallaton Hall). If I don't have a cardiac arrest I'll catch you all later.

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