Question: Submitting same original image to both Threadless and Society6?

Hello, I am new to Threadless however I have been using Society6 for the past couple of weeks now. What I was wondering if we are allowed to submit an original image into Threadless and also that same image into Society6.

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I also had this same question! (I know this was no help to you haha)

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Look in the help section under "Do I keep the rights to my artwork?"


Do I keep the rights to my artwork?

When your design is printed, Threadless earns the rights to print and sell your design on any product. However, if you want to use your design for any commercial purpose, just let us know! We’ll be happy to give you the rights back to your design on whatever product you need.

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There are actually a few printed Threadless designs that are being sold on society6 right now (just not on shirts). Also, to sort of change topic, how does society6 work? Has anyone actually made any kind of profit from them, or bought any of their stuff? I'm just wondering about quality/how well anyone has managed to sell their things.

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