RIP Old Threadless Blog

I always head on to the Old Blogs, because it's much simpler there. But today, it's gone!

Farewell Old Blogs, I'll miss seeing spams all over you :-(

Watch this

that's speedyjvw's screensnap of the old blogs by the way...


and no more photo uploads possible :( will the Gallery come back?

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

RIP old blogs. :-( So many memories.


really sad that it's gone... i still go back at the page, but it's always Craig that I see...

Oh why?!!!


I see my balls up there


@littlem you sure have some shiny balls!

@Theo86 me too, I bookmarked both old and beta, but the old is more appealing to me..


Speedyjoe everywhere.

I don't mind the new blogs but I'll never forget the old blue and white. And Georgia!

soloyo profile pic Alumni


I mean


I mean

that makes me sad

( I really mean)


the czar

Yep sad day indeed. So much easier on the old site. We're stuck now.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

very sad. very not good.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

The real issue here is when the next speedyjoe day is


Technically isn't everyday speedyjoe day for you?

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

sigh, and RIP. I'm at the new blog now, forcing myself to get used to it but it still feels not quite like home. I guess it's like buying a new couch, it still doesn't have that dent where your butt goes.

buhbye old blog, you were a good friend.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

I wasn't around to experience to old blog. Was there as much spam? I suppose it's still early days and being an optimist I have no doubts that they'll iron out all the problems! I think celandinestern has a point. You may be suffering from new couch syndrome.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Meh. The last real reason to still use the old site went away when the watched and participated filters started working.


Bye.... white and blue, miss you so.. much.

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speedyjvw said:

The real issue here is when the next speedyjoe day is

The day the spam stops, it will be speedyjoe day.

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