Need some help to make a design better

Hi there, I have an idea that could use a little help.

Here's the story. So my fiancé and I recently were talking about LinkedIN and how the are now having us list our skills. For fun, I added nunchuku, bow hunting, and computer hacking skills and she immediately liked all three of them. I guess Napolean was right, girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

So here's what I came up with but it could use a bit more love. Any thoughts forum?


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mip1980 profile pic Alumni

I agree, great concept and for me personally, i always think that simplicity looks best on a tee.

melmike profile pic Alumni

Concept is only one part of a design, aesthetics have to come into play at some point. This isn't a tshirt yet, and I'm not convinced it can be. Maybe if it was a character sitting at a computer asking to list skills, and he's got thought bubbles with 'hacking' etc... just a thought.

henry botelho

well, i dont know linkedin, so i dont get it the first, but i liked, i think you could add some funnier skill.

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