• by filiskun
  • posted Feb 15, 2013


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Love it!


Wow, these are going very fast. Perhaps not enough were made for everyone who participated to get one?

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Wow yeah, the're going down quick. Are they gonna be restocked at all for people that can't buy them immediately for whatever reason?


Oh, come on, a $20 minimum purchase? Wow. Real nice of y'all. Thanks sooo much.


Wait... I was under the impression that participation garnered you a free shirt....

  • and by free I meant, like, "no strings attached" free... Not "buy even more stuff and we'll throw in as a kind gesture" free.

thx for the "free" tshirt :/


Well that sucks.. I would have paid shipping for my "free" shirt, but now I'm not.


yeah. really appreciate it. thanks for the "free" tee. jerks.


The idea of getting it free with your next order is kind of what seems to be the goal here, but when you need to purchase another $20 of stuff and shirts are $19.50 then we really have to order TWO shirts to get the gift instead of one, just to bridge the 50 cent gap, that seems a bit over doing it


would've been willing to pay shipping, but two twenty dollar shirts to get it? I think not.

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Hey guys! The tee was always presented in the blog as free with purchase. We are really happy to offer this tee for free with your order and hope you take advantage of the offer! You can purchase one other Threadless tee at $20 and get this awesome design for free! As someone who has worn this tee, I can testify that putting it on gives you magical powers of friendship and happiness. Thank you all for being a part of the Threadless Community Appreciation Jubilation and being amazing community members.

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There will be plenty of shirts for everybody, to answer that question. If we run out of a size, we'll get more.


I'm confused. I've tried to purchase two $20 shirts, along with this shirt, but the $59.50 checkout total remains the same... all the way up to the final "purchase" button. @jesshanebury is this a USA only offer? Or has this offer expired?


I was hoping to get an XL of this for my boyfriend, but sadly it sold out just before the 10$ sale! Jess promised there will be enough shirts for everybody!


Why won't my code work? No matter what I put in the cart it just keeps saying "This coupon is only valid for orders containing eligible merchandise of $20.00 or more.". I tried with buying 2 $10 shirts. Won't work. I tried with buying a $23.50 shirt. Doesn't work either. I'm so pissed!


I'm quite disappointed to see that the L sizes are sold out; I really hope they'll get reprinted by the end of the sales... So why did we have to compile a form before receiving the coupon??


@carriba We're at the same boat! I clicked reprint for each size.


what a mess this was. so since my size is sold out & it's unlikely to return before my coupon expires, i guess i should just give my coupon code away since it expires here shortly. which is funny because i thought the entire point of this shirt "giveaway" was that it would be exclusive to those who participated...


I'm having the same problem as littlebluechair...


Same problem as @littlebluechair. Thought the tee is supposed to be free with purchase? Sigh. I'll give this a pass.


yay! for being back in stock! boo! to having to pay double shipping!


you have to add this t-shirt to the chart + 20$ value of other items and then apply the coupon. without this t-shirt in the chart the coupon won't work!


Seems that the code is not working for me, even if i had a 20$ tee. Should it work with products on sale, too?


is there a joke in the design?

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