-------------------> ADVICES WAAAAAAAAAAAA =)

MY FIRST DESIGN!!!! but..........
I desperately need some advice please!!! <3 =3

those who have seen this design says that the astronaut's helmet does not seem ...... a helmet! xD
what do you think? i appreciate advices and criticism <3 thanks =3

the design is here ------------> http://artistofmyself.deviantart.com/art/Little-Astronaut-354328683

Watch this

Think its fantastic! Helmet looks fine to me! Would love to see how it looks on one of the templates! :D

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

It looks cute. You should always upload a mock up of it on a shirt when you're that much "done" with it. The way you place the design on a shirt has a huge affect on if someone likes it or not...

An additional word of advice..... I would suggest if you want more people to comment that you upload the image to a hosting site like flickr and embed the image directly into the blog. MOST people will not use a click through link.


Looove it. o.o <3

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also a better title for your blog would help too. -------------------> ADVICES WAAAAAAAAAAAA =)

Not a good title.. I'd avoid whining


I love it! In my opinion it could use more stars, maybe look at some good pictures of star clusters and good unpolluted night skies. Right now it seems a little bare to me.


Would that make the bird ... a starling?


What Lori said (about the title and the mockup and the embedding, so basically everything..)

it's cute :)

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